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A message from our Region IV President

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Welcome to our Region IV Website.  The mission, goals and objectives, vision and purpose of BIG are all to help our members in government who work at the Federal, State, and local levels of employment enjoy equal treatment and optimally get equitably opportunities on the job.- Alice Mercer

Executive Committee

President                                Honorable Alice Mercer

Executive Vice-President      Mr. Arnold Taylor

First Vice-President               Ms. Ruby Dunson

Second Vice-President          vacant

Third Vice-President              Ms. Katie Course


Assistant Treasurer               Ms. Claudean R. Ervin

Secretary                                Dr. Vera McKethan

Assistant Secretary               Ms. LaVerne Feaster-Johnson

Director                                   Ms. James Clausell

Director                                   Ms. Peggy Wilson

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

History of Region IV.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Join BIG!

What you need to know.

Join Us

Federal, State and Local Employees

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